Zhongkun Julin Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Primorsky Territory Government at the Eastern Economic Forum


On September 11, 2018, Kou Zhongchang, Chairman of Zhongkun Julin Group, with 34 domestic well-known enterprises to participate in the 4th Eastern Economic Forum. Compared with previous years, this year's Oriental Economic Forum is particularly eye-catching. At the invitation of Russian President Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the forum, which will be the first time for the Chinese head of state to attend the Eastern Economic Forum.

On the first day after the opening of the Oriental Forum, at 9:00 am on September 11, 2018, Kou Zhongchang, Chairman of Zhongkun Julin Group, with 34 well-known domestic companies and Governor of the Primorsky Krai of Russia, Tara Senco Andre Vladimirovic signed an investment cooperation agreement. At the Harbin Strait Conference in June, the two sides reached an agreement on cooperation. After more than two months of communication, the two sides signed an investment cooperation agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum, and will jointly set up a large group company in the Primorsky Krai. A total of 300 subsidiaries in seven major sectors have cooperated closely in various fields to make greater contributions to the local economy and to add more new kinetic energy to regional development.

At present, Sino-Russian relations are in the best period of history, and the two countries support each other's major initiatives and development strategies. After years of development, China has become the largest partner of foreign investment in the Russian Far East. China has participated in dozens of Far East development zones and free port projects, and more than half of the investment projects in the Far East have been implemented by the Chinese. With the strong support of the Russian government, the economy of the Far East has developed steadily in recent years and has become the fastest growing region for Russian investment.

The convening of this forum will further deepen the local cooperation between the two countries and help the high-level development of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. President Xi Jinping personally attended the Eastern Economic Forum, and let our eyes focus on this forum and achieve fruitful results for the forum, and let us have more prospects and expectations.

Let us look forward to the perfect convening of the 4th Eastern Economic Forum, and look forward to the achievements of the Zhongkun Julin Group in the golden autumn season.

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