海纳四方 通融天下

The word of leadership
Kou Zhong Chang chairman of the board of ZhongKun Julin group

After many years of trials and hardships, all employees of Zhongkun Julin Investment Group uphold the concept of “sincere, pragmatic, innovative and people-oriented”, take the lead in establishing a scientific and efficient governance structure and risk control system for venture capital companies, and gradually develop into a leading domestic company with international competitiveness.

At present, benefiting from the constant release of China’s reform and development dividend, the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship for all people is being ignited, and the era of popular entrepreneurship and innovation has come to us. China's venture capital industry is facing unprecedented historical opportunities, presenting an excellent situation in which all kinds of competition and thousands of sails compete. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Risks and returns are in the same place. We are full of confidence in the future.

What exactly does an investment company do?

Make a kind of culture

Enterprises are the shadow of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs' personality, morality and values, vision, courage, and quality have a profound impact on companies. Whether or not you realize that doing business is doing a cultural heritage and innovation, traditional, modern, foreign or integrated.

With rich cultural awareness, companies will go further, healthier and more lasting.

Make a kind of pursuit

Ability, responsibility, and culture are integrated and cannot be left alone. After all, doing business is a life. A responsible person and a responsible enterprise will certainly improve themselves from the material to the spiritual. Therefore, we have put forward a good vision of being a respectable company. Being a respected person, a respected company, the body can be more peaceful, healthy, and evergreen; the spirit can be more confident, happy, and happy; the mind can be more peaceful, far-reaching, and immortal.

We believe that heaven rewards diligence, and we believe that with the strong support of all shareholders and friends from all walks of life, relying on the company’s accumulated human resources and industry reputation over the years, our team of employees who are brave enough to fight hard and unite will be able to create new products in the near future.

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