海纳四方 通融天下

Post-Baikal Railway Company

My company and the Russian Ministry of Railways subordinated post-Baikal Railway Academy established the "Post-Baikal Railway Transport Company". Through the construction, leasing and other forms of 10,000 wagon preparations in order to reach the eastern line of 50 million tons of cargo per year.

Soviet Port administration group

Zhongkun Julin Group has completed the acquisition of an 80% stake in the Soviet port. It is planned to upgrade the Soviet port in stages. In 2020, the port throughput will increase to 50 million tons/year, and in 2022, the port cargo throughput will reach 100 million tons. In order to achieve this capacity, it is necessary to add 200,000 tons of professional docks, 100,000 tons of professional docks, 50,000 tons of bulk docks, 2 dump rooms and supporting belt promenades. After the completion of the project, it will provide convenient services for the import and export of China and Russia and become an important trade and transportation hub between the Russian Far East and the Chinese seaport.

Post-Baikal coal Chemical Co., Ltd.

In December 2017, China Zhongkun Julin Group's subsidiary and jointly established a joint venture company in Chita City. Signed the "Coal and Chemical Cooperation Contract." The establishment of the joint venture company opened the curtain for the official launch of the Sino-Russian border coal chemical project. It also means that the Zhongkun Julin Group has taken a milestone step in going abroad and going international.

Eastern Mining Mining Co., Ltd.

Zhongkun Julin Group purchased a large amount of gold, titanium ore, iron ore and other mineral resources in Russia, and established Eastern Mining Mining Company, which has made great contributions to promoting the circulation and distribution of mineral resources.

Gold Mining Co., Ltd.

For the company's strategic landing, our company actively arranged gold resources in Russia's Far East and Siberia. Through preliminary investigations and inspections, our company achieved three gold deposits in Russia through mergers, acquisitions, cooperation, and shareholdings in Russia in June 2017. There are two gold mines for acquisition, with a total gold reserves of 150-200 tons. After the acquisition of gold mines, our company established a gold mining company in Russia. At present, various licenses of gold mining companies have been completed, and equipment and personnel have been stationed in succession to mines for gold mining.

Siberian Railway Company

Our company cooperated with the Siberian Railway Bureau to establish "Siberian Railway Transport Company" and established a joint venture with Russia from the railway line between Ulan-Ude and Erlianhaote. "West Line" Our company plans to complete the preparation of 3,000 wagons through construction, leasing and other forms in order to achieve the transportation of 30 million tons of cargo on the West Line every year. (Two wire wagons can be dispatched for use)

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