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Group Introduction

  Zhongkun Julin (Beijing)Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise group, the group has six subsidiaries, including two financial investment companies, two international trading companies, one science and technology company, one logistics company. The main business of each subsidiary is investment in domestic infrastructure construction, international and domestic trade, technology transfer and domestic logistics. With the country's call for the "Belt and Road Initiative," the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is deepening. To this end, Zhongkun Julin group proposed to create two lines and multi-point strategic layout (East and West Line). The “East Line” mainly refers to the existing railway lines in the Far East of Russia, extending eastwards from Chita, through the Komsomolsk. And from the city to the Soviet port; the “West Line” extends southwards from Ulan-Ude and enters Hohhot after Mongolia; “Multiple Points” plan is to establish a comprehensive industrial park and develop various types of mineral resources along the “East and West” lines, and to create a complete industrial chain of “finance + logistics + resources exploitation + trade”.

  Zhongkun Julin Group has acquired Soviet Port, the largest port in Russia’s Far East, and its main transportation cargo is ore, coal, timber, grain, and containers. Zhongkun Julin has established a joint venture with Russia’s railway sector to establish the "Post-Baikal Railway Transport Company" and established the "Siberian Railway Transport Company" with the Siberian Railway Bureau. In the "two-lane" area, the company has purchased titanium, coal, iron ore and gold. Minerals, forests, mineral water and other resources.

  With the implementation of our company’s strategic plan in Russia, oriented to the needs of the domestic market, supported by financial trade, using the logistics park as a platform, relying on Sino-Russian import and export products, adopting “nationalized management, privatized operations”, It will create innovative demonstration effects for the "comprehensive and strategic partnership" between China and Russia and make due contributions to "Made in China 2025".

Core values of the company:

Abide by the law with novel ideas

Be a good person, firstly to be a person, and then do things;

When do businesses we need to abide by the law with novel ideas.

Absorb the best part of others’ opinions and use them for ourselves.

Absorbing the essence of investment in the industry, a blend of Millennium Chinese wisdom;

Exert: resources + capital, advantages, discover, cultivate, create value;

——Ideal innovation ability

——Creative planning ability

——Operational management capabilities

Group introduction
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