Zhongkun Julin Group participated in China-Fuyuan 2016 First Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island Regional Economic Development Forum


       China-Fuyuan 2016 The first Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island Regional Economic Development Forum was successfully held in Fuyuan. Zhang Zitong, deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island Management Committee, deputy secretary of Fuyuan City, and mayor, delivered a speech. Kou Zhongzhong, Chairman of Zhongkun Julin Group, was invited to attend the Regional Economic Development Forum.

       Mayor Zhang Zitong said that Fuyuan has the unique geographical advantages of “two countries and one island” and “two rivers and two cities”, and plays an important role in regional economic development and Sino-Russian Far East development cooperation strategy. With the in-depth promotion of the “One Belt and One Road”, the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and the “Longjiang Silk Road Belt”, it has opened up new opportunities for Fuyuan to expand its opening up, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and promote common development, creating new conditions. The forum will conduct in-depth research and discussion on the development model, development mechanism and development path of Fuyuan and Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, and will provide more intellectual support for Fuyuan to seize opportunities, strengthen cooperation and promote development. ”

      The guests present at the forum included Xu Dingming, special researcher of the Ministry of Commerce, the National Tourism Administration, the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine, the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau and the State Council Counselor, Xu Hongqiang, researcher of the Foreign Economic Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and the National Development and Reform Commission. Wang Yanqing, deputy director and researcher of the Academic Committee of the Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute, Liu Hongping, vice president and secretary general of the China Township and Environment Promotion Association, and Tan Jialin, chairman of the China Ecological Economics.

       Zhang Hong, general manager of Zhongkun Julin (Beijing) Technology Group, on behalf of the group company, will be committed to the investment and construction of Fuyuan Mangjita Industrial Park in the spirit of honesty, cooperation and mutual benefit. And will build the project into an international economic park area.

      At the first Bolshoy Ussuriysky island Regional Economic Development Forum of 2016, a total of 14 companies entered into the contract, including: Yantai Port Group, Huanghua Port Industrial Park, Panjin Port, China Communications Port, Zhejiang Tiantie Group, Dalian Fuyang Shipping, Changzhou Port Group, Hebei Shimutong International Trade, Harbin Yingde Wood and other well-known enterprises in various fields. China-Fuyuan Mangjita Economic Zone-Economic and Trade Enterprise Headquarters Base, on behalf of Fuyuan Municipal People's Government and Fuyuan Dongji Yujita Investment Construction Management Co., Ltd., welcomes people to visit and investigate.

      Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Government Bolshoy Ussuriysky island Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of Fuyuan City, Mayor Zhang Zitong, Vice Mayor of Fuyuan Municipal Committee, Leng Jiguo, Minister of Propaganda Department of Fuyuan Municipal Committee, Tang Hongtao, Vice Mayor of Fuyuan City Yi Zhihui, Chairman of Zhongkun Julin (Beijing) Technology Group Co., Ltd. Kou Zhongchang, General Manager of Zhongchengjian (Tianjin) Construction Development Co., Ltd. Shen Zhixiang, deputy director of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, doctoral tutor Hu Bin, Ma Youjun, Director of the Russian Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences, Zhou Lei of Tsinghua University, Ph.D. Supervisor of the Economics Teaching and Research Department of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, Hu Xining, Chinese market economist, Zhang Wansheng, Director of the Processing and Trade Department of the General Administration of Customs, and other relevant ministries and commissions Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the forum.

      Since May 24th, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Fuyuan City to carry out investigation and research on the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan and promote the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China. General Secretary Xi Jinping hopes that Heilongjiang will respond to the national “One Belt and One Road”. "Strategy, participate in the construction of the "China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor" and actively expand opening up.

       Zhongkun Julin Group and Zhongchengjian (Tianjin) Construction Development Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, and in-depth study of “promoting the revitalization of the Northeast and building the Longjiang River” about the development along the border of Fuyuan City, Heilongjiang Province.

       In August 2016, Zhongkun Julin Group and Zhongchengjian (Tianjin) Construction and Development Co., Ltd. jointly established Fuyuan Dongji Mangjita Investment Construction Management Co., Ltd., which was highly valued by the Government of Fuyuan City and supported by a large number of policies. In October, the project company and the Fuyuan Municipal People's Government reached an agreement on the construction and operation of the China-Fuyuan Mangjita Industrial Park. The Fuyuan Government awarded the project company the sole legal investment and construction operator for the Mangjita Economic park zone.

      As the only legal investment construction operator of China's Fuyuan Mangjita port Economic Park, Fuyuan Dongji Mangjita Investment Construction Management Co., Ltd. will surely go all out and be honest, and build an internationalized level of the Mangjita Economic park Zone. As the industrial park in the “one island and three districts” of Fuyuan City, the Mangjita Economic park Zone will surely serve as a pillar industry for local economic development and benefit the future.

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