Lazo Titanium


In February 2018, “Orient Minerals Mining Co., Ltd.” acquired the Lazo titanium mine located on the bank of the Cardan River in the Lazo district of Khabarovsk Krai, 30 km from the railway and 300 km from the port of Vladivostok. In terms of geological structure, it is located in the center of the West Hood-Alin Geological Synchronous fold system - West Hood-Alin mining area. Its internal structure is a linear structure that extends from the northeast to the east. The sediments of the sand deposits are concentrated in the river channel, floodplain and part of the terraces. In sediments, according to the heavy minerals test, the channel alluvium contains 13.1 to 34.8 kg/m 3 of Ferro-titanium. According to the sampling situation, the concentration of ilmenite varies from 15.7 to 40.6 kg/m3 in the alluvial sediment of the cone. Titanium reserves total 28 million tons, and the annual extraction volume is 2.3 million tons.

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